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Mobile Broadcast Hosted Platform
Our Mobile Broadcast Hosted Platform provides a single or 2-way interactive SMS messaging facility for creating, sending, and tracking mass SMS campaigns to customers. A web-based system, Mobile Broadcast Hosted Platform features a user-friendly yet comprehensive user interface supported by an industrial back-end delivery engine with Operator-level reporting capabilities.

SMS Dispatcher
This is an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use Middleware to support business and organization messaging functions. Installed at customer's server/infrastructure it allows seamless integration with existing business applications and platforms for those seeking a differentiated messaging service or as productivity support tool. SMS Dispatcher is commonly integrated with common business systems such as ERP/CRM systems for Sales/Marketing, Billing/Finance/Collection, HR, and other corporate internal purposes.

SMS API Gateway

Businesses and organizations may use our SMS API for sending SMS using the 1rstWAP system and for receiving SMS sent from mobile subscribers to the 1rstWAP systems via a simple secure HTTP connection. Text messages are sent and received via 1rstWAP's own proprietary SMSCs and messaging servers, which provide operator-level speed, throughput and reliability to over 650 operators in more than 180 countries worldwide.

SMS Hotline
SMS Hotline is a web-based application that allows companies to receive and to answer customer inquiries by SMS. It can be used as a complaint or incident management system. SMS Hotline enables companies to integrate an advanced web-based SMS complaint management system to supplement existing Voice, Email and Chat systems to provide a truly converged customer call centre experience. Specifically designed for fast and easy deployment, SMS Hotline is cost effective and cost efficient and leads to better and faster customer service; a more satisfying and seamless experience; better utilization of business processes and more efficient use of company's contact center.

SMS On Demand
SMS On Demand allows mobile users to request information by sending specified keywords. In response, the system sends automated replies to the requesting sender in near real-time. SMS On Demand is an effective service to reach customers who need near real-time information such as airline schedules, clinic appointments, etc.

SMS Data Collect

This solution allows near real-time mobile data collection to support business processes and can be easily integrated in existing business systems. As an example, it can enable companies to conduct marketing researches or to collect sales reports, stock data etc by using SMS as means of communication.

Our Email Gateway service lets customers send text messages from any email client to mobile devices. The system works with emails sent from any email client version, such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Unix Mail and many more. Current uses include: Email Forwarding via SMS, Office Voicemail Notifications, System Operations Alerts/ Alarms, Personal Communication, Product Promotions, Corporate-internal Communications, Notifications of job vacancies. No plugin or installation is required.

It enables any online or offline marketing or advertising campaign to promote products or services and invites consumers to respond via SMS. This service collects and presents all incoming messages, the senders' mobile phone numbers and other data and can automatically select sweepstake winners and notify them by SMS.

SMS Poll
SMS Poll is a web-based application that enables companies to quickly and easily setup surveys, polls or votings via SMS. This services provides respective reports in real time.

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  Special Award Epitomizes Success


1rstWAP won the "Best Product of the Year" in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's annual Telecommunication & Information Awards for 2002.
The annual "Micronics Internusa Golden Award" recognizes outstanding achievements and developments in the Telecommunication and IT industry in Indonesia.

1rstWAP was selected for the award in recognition of its pioneering role in telecommunications and information technology which has broadened people's knowledge about technology in communications. Also acknowledged was 1rstWAP's focus on customer needs and convenience, security and reliability and effective application of technology.



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