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Branded Mobile Portals

Along with SMS and the Instant Messenger, the world wide web is one of the popular entry points for users of 1rstWAP’s Mobile Messaging Services.

The web site’s services and features include:

item Mobile Communities + Chatrooms
item Multimode news & alerts
item Ringtones & Logos download
item SMS Sender with status reports
item Send and receive MMS
item Subscriber payment system to collect
item Revenue from users
item Secured registration of mobile phone
item Email address

Special Features

Select News Content & Delivery Mode:
Users can select the categories and the delivery mode they prefer. Content can be pushed to mobile phones as SMS or WAP, and to the PC as instant message, web page or email.

Mobile Communities:
Mobile Communities enable subscribers to see and interact with other subscribers who share similar interests via SMS, web chat or email. Communities can be established around specific topics or themes such as sports, music or business

SMS Manager:
The SMS Manager enables users to send SMS messages, plus it has the following very useful features:

  • View delivery status report
  • Group sms
  • Flash sms
  • Phone book
  • Greetings scheduler

Strength of the Platform

Numerous features and capabilities underlying the 1rstWAP mobile messaging platform make it a good choice:

item Fully brandable and white-labeled
item Secured Registration of Email Address and Mobile Phone MSISDN
item Protection of Identity & Privacy built-in
item Able to accept subscriber payments
item Integrated Usage Detail Records for Services Billing
item Encourages migration to 3G and future mobile platforms
item Supports multiple Asian and European languages

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Branded Mobile Portals
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