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FTRAX - Locate, Alert & Report

Productivity gains and security controls are just some of the benefits provided. This service is ideally suitable for:

item Taxi and bus operators
item Toll road operators
item Logistics and freight companies, especially those moving valuable,
  perishable or dangerous goods where time management and security is vital
item Corporate and government entities with fleets
item Car rental or leasing companies
item Project sites or industrial development areas, where vehicles
  must remain in restricted zones
item Container or other mobile assets, which require on- and off-site tracking

Primary features include:

item Current Location, with options to put time-based interval checks to create
  historical (movement) logs. Results are made available in both graphical overlay with animation of movement and textual details
item Various levels of administrator and operator management
item Comprehensive geo-fencing capability to enable variable "shape" boundaries that
  define restricted/prohibited or otherwise important areas that assets may or may not enter or exit
item Trigger Alerts provide Zone IN/OUT, Security shields, Curfew periods, etc.
item Have a single operator manage all mobile assets or assign groups of assets/vehicles
  and drivers to selected operators
item Operators can monitor a single mobile asset or all mobile assets in a single view

General Benefits

item Determine mobile asset locations in seconds and monitor movements
  in near real-time
item Increase security and reduce handling time of valuable mobile assets
item Reduce costs by using a web-based service, eliminating costly IT infrastructure
  and technical support investment.
item Increase efficiency through automation and reporting tools
item Enables improved customer service via knowledge of mobile asset
  locations/movements and improved manageability of mobile assets.

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